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The well-known concept of the game is for a group of 3-5 people to find the way out by solving different and interesting puzzles in a locked room in one hour. As your team is spending the 1 hour in the game room you get opportunities to test your skills, the common communication, thinking and to recognise the unexpected situations beyond the goal of team building. The aim is to give you an unforgettable experience.


Family and friends

An excellent entertainment (nem kell ide with) full of intellectual challenges for the kids and their parents, where the little ones as well as the adults can develop their skills and team spirit among each other. A pleasant activity for friends for leisure or after work.



A crucial part of the current work culture is for the workmates to make common decisions and find the common voice in the workplace. The game provides an interactive assessment center for the participants in order to recognise their strengths and weaknesses.



Like a hungarian invention, a uniquely designed, individually furnished escape room is one of the most popular attactions for the tourists next to the sights of the city.


Birthday Party

What more could enhance the expected day? Give the mood to it and throw it up with an escape game


60 minutes

  2-5 players

The well-known carving artist passed away a few days ago. Before his death he managed to finish his last masterpiece. He hid away his valuable object in his work shop. The background of the thing is unknown. Like culture detectives, your mission is to figure out which kind of object he had been working on. Some rumours released and it is about a special thing which can be assembled and it means an incredible challenge for your team. However it is time to hurry. The old master was a honorary citizen in the little town and some of his previous masterpieces were rewarded at the local exhibition. The deadline is only one hour. It is up to you if you can discover the hidden object, which might be the first public of the Posthumous and help the master get this acknowledgement or it is going to be an undiscovered secret in the deep side of the workshop.

The Posthumous game is a traditional logical escape room game where players have to decode different codes to proceed. There are padlocks mostly but you can find a number of unusual locks during the game. It can be real challenge for those who like the bigger challenge.
Multiple written English text attachments are in the game. Do not worry! In any case the teams get some support if something is not clear. For foreign teams it is recommended that at least one person understands the written English text.
The Posthumous game is an excellent brain test challenging short and long-term memory for developing combination skills. It provides a non-linear line of play for the participants where the objects, information found are tied to a particular situation. Finding things does not necessarily mean that they can be used automatically.


20% off Monday to Thursday! The game is currently suspended!!!

2 player


3 player


4 player


5 player




Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the game about?

    A live event where a group of 2-5 find the way out or perform a mission by solving different and interesting puzzles in a locked room within 60 minutes

  • How many people can play the game?

    It is ideal for minimum of 3 people, maximum of 5 people. If you are a team of 2 you maybe at risk of not being able to process much information in time because there is less communication between you, less ability to see the room like a space, the relationship of the room within 1 hour time frame

  • Is it possible to cancel or re-order?

    If you pay with an online bank card, there is no way to get the price of the game refunded. However, it is possible to change for another free time free of charge. You can live with this option once.

  • What happens when we arrive late for the game?

    The Common Sense Escape has a strict time schedule. All other start times must be taken into account, so each game starts at the time on the schedule. If you are late, you will have less time to play. Calculate the briefing and the timing of the rules.

  • What age range of players can play?

    Due to nature of the game, the recommeneded age is at least 10-14 years. If all members of the team are underage, they have not reached the age of 18, then an adult must be authozied to sign the Declaration of Liability

  • How does the reservation work?

    You can book online with credit card. In this case the system sends the reservation document with the necessary information and invoice. Reservation can also be made via telephone. In this case you have to pay in cash on site

  • When to arrive at the game?

    15 minutes before the game starts. Do not forget that the official briefing also take time, so the exact starts requires the exact time of quarter

  • Do you have discount game option?

    You can play 10% off from Monday to Thursday. From Friday to Sunday you can buy the ticket at normal price.

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